Tidy Up And Transform Your Life!

Have you heard of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up? Marie Kondo is a Japanese organizing consultant with a best-selling book and Netflix series on how to declutter. Her tips are truly life-changing! If you’re in dire need of cleaning your room, organizing your home and destressing your life, then Marie Kondo is the answer for you! Check out tips and tricks on purging, folding and re-falling in love with your home. Decluttering is an art that takes time, patience and the right knowledge. Below is a declutter guide to help you get started!

A Guide To Organization and Joy:

Step 1 – Walk around your home and make a list of any and all areas that make you feel overwhelmed and untidy. Remember, you want to feel at ease and comfortable in your own home.

Step 2 – Pick one area at a time and start there. Create a timeline for each area/room to motivate you and to keep you in check.

Step 3 – Once you pick a room, lay everything out in front of you so you can see everything you have. Grab 3 bins. Bin #1 – Throw away items. Bin #2 – Donate items. Bin #3 – Fix, move, repair items.

Step 4 – Start rummaging! Grab each item. If it sparks joy within you, keep it. If it doesn’t, it’s time to let it go.

Are you ready to get your home and your life in order?! Give it a go! Trust us… it is SO rewarding!


Marty Rodriguez

Marty Rodriguez has been selling residential real estate for the CENTURY 21® System for the past 41 years in the Los Angeles and San Bernardino County. She has an incredible real estate sales record, both in the Nation and in the WORLD. Marty Rodriguez has been recognized as the most successful real estate agent in the history of Century 21 Real Estate LLC. Her unmatched industry knowledge gives her the advantage to advertise and move real estate listings in any market. Her devotion and genuine concern allows her to maintain a personal relationship with her clients. Possessing motivational and leadership skills drive her to a level of success that only a few can claim. It is easily seen that she and her team are the logical choice for meeting all of your real estate needs. For Marty…Teamwork, Respect and Excellence are non-negotiable standards that each person in her office agrees to adhere to and live by. Her devotion and genuine concern allows her to maintain a personal relationship with her clients. In a market where people are downsizing, she up-sizes with hiring more staff even if it means she nets fewer dollars…she knows that the results of exceptional service to her clients will win her "Clients for Life". The client is the most important part of her business and she takes great pride in offering them amazing service. Though her business demands a high level of energy and commitment, Marty makes time to lend her support to local schools and organizations. She has earned countless accolades for the time she gives to organizations that are committed to helping local businesses and children.

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